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Infeel self-adhesive films have revolutionised the creation of all kinds of settings. Their extensive range features 8 series with more than 100 patterns in plain and textured finishes. Wood, leather, wicker or marble… ideal for decorating or renovating any space.

Nh bretón - Antes y Después
Nh bretón - Antes y Después

Films created by fusing together layers of PVC, guaranteeing resistance to scuffing and scratching, easy to clean and fire-retardant, quick and easy to install to create new spaces or renovate existing areas without the need for major work.

Infeel provides hard-wearing, high-quality solutions for businesses, hotels, high-traffic public spaces or homes. In addition, no special maintenance is required to keep it in optimum condition.

Thanks to its thermoforming capacity,  it can be fully moulded and adapted to any shape, making it the perfect solution for furniture restoration or renovation. Its self-adhesive quality also makes it easy to install and guarantee a perfect finish.

It is suitable for installing on all types of surfaces, including wood, cement, paint, plaster or tiles… 

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Advantages and Benefits

Easy to handle

  • Easy to install, clean and maintain.
  • Ideal for coverings and decoration.
  • No installation training required.


  • Resistant to stains, scuffing, scratching and impact.
  • Resistant to heat, damp or cold.

Maximum adherence

  • Excellent adherence and flexibility.
  • Thermoforming capacity.
  • Adapts to smooth, flat or curved surfaces.

Greater comfort

  • Dust, dirt and noise free installation.
  • Suitable for use in new build or renovation projects.
  • Can be installed on site.
  • Minimum installation times, without the need to halt building work.
  • Reduced raw material and labour costs.
  • Can be installed on top of other coverings.

Quality and durability

  • Maximum durability.
  • Manufactured according to the strictest international safety standards.
  • Proven performance and durability.

Easy to buy

  • Available in quantities starting from 1 m2.
  • Presented in rolls measuring 1.23m wide x 50m long.


Physical properties
Testing method
Resistance to abrasion Tested at more than 5000 rpm using a special machine with sharpened points to analyse changes to the surface. Normal
Dimensional stability Vinyl measuring 100 mm x 100 mm adhered to an aluminium surface at 65ºC for 2 days to measure expansion. Low 1.0mm
Resistance to humidity Vinyl adhered to an aluminium surface at 40ºC x 90% RH, for 30 days to test adherence. Normal
Resistance to staining Substances applied to the surface of the vinyl for 24 hours including drops of ink, juice, vinegar and detergent to check for the appearance of stains. Normal
Fire resistance Certified according to UNE - EN: 13501 B-S1-d0
Application temperature 15ºC - 30ºC

Chemical resistance

Vinyl adhered to an aluminium surface and submerged for 24 hrs in a chemical solution to verify any alteration to its appearance.

H2SO 4(1%)


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